Revitalize your wardrobe by adding the perfect jewelry

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Every other woman has a different personality than the other. Research shows that jewelry plays a vital role in showing off your personality.

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Silver has always been popular and in fashion, but with the combination of gemstones, it is loved even more. Silver gemstone jewelry is this one gorgeous and subtle supplement that suits every outfit. Now, Don’t be afraid to be the real you!

Julia’s store showcases a magnificent variety of handmade silver jewelry for women. Purchase handcrafted earrings, necklaces and other silver jewelry online. We are known for creating versatile, graceful and gorgeous jewelry having each design different from the other. There’s only one place where you can find finest quality, chic and trendy jewelry and that’s us (You can have a look at our collection here) We distinguish ourselves with our creativity, paying attention to every little detail of the design hence resulting into unique, modern and fancy final product. This exquisite range adds glamour and a unique charm to the personality of the wearer. Our brand makes sure that classy jewelry is available for you in the lowest possible rates. We want you to feel the joy while choosing and wearing our designer jewelry which is made with all the love and passion making you feel as good as it looks.

Revitalize your wardrobe by adding the perfect jewelry structured in classic, ethnic and traditional designs. Some pieces are decorated with colorful gems and stones like Amethyst, Pearls, Lazuli, turquoise, rose quartz and citrine to warm your heart.

To stay one step ahead of the market, each piece is devoted an immense amount of care, right from the initial stage. Quality is our forte hence special measures are taken for quality assurance and constant quality evaluation takes place. We select top quality Gemstones after multiple procedures, then make them have precision cut, and finally have them selected by professional jewelry appraiser.  
Safety of the silver is insured. All jewelry are made of 925 sterling silver, and there is no Nickel or any harmful metals present. It meets the EU standards. It is harmless to the environment. 

Every jewelry has its unique style, which make you out of the ordinary! 

Julia’s Store offer something for everyone from ­­­­­square ring set, to opal crossover band ring, to zirconia pendant, to alexandrite sapphire water drop earrings, to rainbow fire mystic topaz gem charm pendant, to WHAT NOT, it has everything that you have ever been looking for!

We aim to provide you with the latest and top quality silver jewelry so you could flaunt every other look, along with the best customer care. We bring you the best designers and suppliers all at one place with amazing service and shopping experience.

Stay up to date with fashion, buy our trendy and latest silver jewelry and make a fashion statement!

Enjoy Shopping! 

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