Persian Wool 40Pcs Makeup Brushes Set

  • $129.60


Faded Tippy Crafts on top quality mixture  of Persian Wool, goat hair and synthetic. With this kind of crafts, normal fiber will become ultra-soft great affinity to your skin and powder.

Our brushes were made in Persian wool, which is of higher quality than ordinary fiber. Persian wool is a kind of fiber that can moisten the powder easily. We offer high quality Fiber to our costumer.


-Top Quality Persian Wool with good adhesion to powder, no cracking, anti-bacterial.
-Special Crafts on the Wool to soften the fiber.
-Birch wood handle have best feel of grasp
-Aluminum alloy tube antirust

Brushes Including:
-Sector Brush
-Face Brush
-Blush Brush
-Angle Shadow Brush
-Foundation Brush
-Eye shadow Brush#1
-Eye shadow Brush#2
-Eye shadow Brush#3
-Eye shadow Brush#4
-Eye shadow Brush#5
-Angle Eye shadow Brush 1
-Angle Eye shadow Brush 2
-Uniform Brush
-Concealer Blending Brush
-Eyeliner Brush
-Eyebrow Brush
-Sector Brush
-Lip Brush
-Eye Definer Brush
-Concealer Brush
-Ultra Fine Eyeliner
-Sponge Smudge Brush
-Eyelash Comb
-Eyebrow Comb 

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